Age of Booty

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Explore, plunder and destroy all the ships you see, like an authentic pirate.

Prepare yourself to play the part of a scary pirate in Age of Booty, a fantastic real time strategy game. Control an army of pirate ships, and with it, explore and plunder everything that gets in your way.

But, as in all strategy games, in Age of Booty you have to prepare your pirates and ships, and arm yourselves to the teeth if you want to defeat your opponents, and get the best booty. This booty, obtained from your attacks, is used to update and personalize your ships, making them more lethal in your piracy of the high seas.

In Age of Booty you can play against the PC or against other players on the Internet. And of course, you can attack both other players` ships and cities. Use iron, gold and wood in the most opportune ways to make yourself stronger and defend yourself against your opponents. But if you prefer, you can play alone, and Age of Booty gives you the chance to take on up to six missions of differing levels of challenge (easy, medium, hard).


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